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Montessori Curriculum Implementation - On Location

(Dates are arranged based on calendar availability and are agreed between ETC Consulting and the host. Traveling expenses are calculated and arranged with the host school. Minimum of 5 hours initially and additional time in 1 hour intervals).

As an organization that has developed programs, products, and services essential to the way Montessori educators teach and lead, ETC is the leader in Montessori curriculum.

The true implementation of the Montessori curriculum and materials can only function inside the boundaries of one goal: to develop the full human potential. In doing so, we seek to promote and inspire academic excellence, promote discovery learning and imagination, and finally awaken the human spirit.

Working closely with your school and staff we carefully evaluate the materials that you currently use and if needed suggest changes or additions in order to ensure that a true Montessori educational curriculum is fully implemented. We at ETC believe that the correct use of materials and curriculum allows for Dr. Montessori's vision to be fully realized. A vision that focuses on creating a better world by allowing children to discover their capacity, learn without boundaries, and explore the joy of becoming lifelong learners.