Developing Writing Through Grammar

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It is well documented that if children can identify the parts of speech and recognize different elements in each sentence then they can apply this skill to their writing skills and improve them. Today, writing in the educational arena has become a particularly important skill, and although Montessori teachers have always taught expository writing, many do not have a prescribed methodology for improving children’s writing abilities and skills. These cards function as a beginning step to help teachers begin thinking about how they may go about teaching writing.

In lower elementary, once children have gone past the grammar boxes, they are not presented with many opportunities to explore further extensions. These cards fill that void allowing children to continue their grammar and writing skills. 

Each part of speech comes complete with numerous cards that allow students to explore a given concept while a second set of cards provides opportunities for them to build and grow their practice skills based on the concept they studied.  

Over 150 cards are included, along with an answer key. 


Look at our Grammar Flow Chart for Lower Elementary to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori grammar curriculum.

View and Download the Answer Key

This set of materials is aimed at third level students. The full continuum that leads children from concrete to abstract is as follows:

First level students - Function of Words 
Second level students - Grammar Sentences
Third level students - Developing Writing Through Grammar
Fourth through sixth level students - Grammar Curriculum Level 9-12

View the Standards met through this material


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