Geometric Figure Building Bundle

ETC Montessori

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Product Overview

  • No Lamination Required.
  • Printed items other than books are printed on Premium Thick Plastic and Cut.
  • This material is ready to start using. No other prep work is needed.

Developing a sense of space and how objects relate to one another is an important one. Yet, few materials exist that help guide children through these concepts. This set of materials is designed to do just that. Children move through plane geometry, set theory, and constructions. The concepts presented here also meet NCTM standards. 

This package includes: 

  • Constructing 3D Platonic Solids (ELC-3044)
  • Constructing 3D Archimedean Solids (ELC-3045)
  • Constructing 3D Kepler-Poinsot Polyhedra (ELC-3046)
  • Upper Elementary Attribute Work with Task Cards (ELC-3020)
  • Geometry with Tangrams and Pattern Blocks (ELC-3042)


To view the standards that are met through each of these elements please follow the link to the item description of each item listed above.