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Geometry Bundle Level 9-12

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Ready to put on the shelf. Printed on thick plastic and cut.

The complete geometry curriculum for levels 4, 5, and 6, brings together in a convenient bundle the following:

  • Upper Elementary Geometry - Area (ELC-3036)
  • Upper Elementary Geometry - Volume (ELC-3037)
  • Upper Elementary Geometry Task Cards, with Geometric Constructions.  (ELC-3038)

Color Coded by concept:

  • Volume and Solids - Dark Blue
  • Triangles - Grey
  • Circles - Green
  • Quadrilaterals - Ivory
  • Lines - Light Blue
  • Polyhedra and Pythagoras - Pink
  • Polygons - Purple
  • Angles - Yellow

Furthermore each level contains the following:

  • 4th Level: Nomenclature Review Task Cards; Constructive Triangle Task Cards
  • 5th Level: Equivalency Task Cards; Area Word Problems
  • 6th Level: Volume Word Problems; Tessellation Task Cards

Incorporating every area of geometry, this curriculum includes over 250 word problems. New teachers as well as seasoned educators will find, this easy to use geometry curriculum, will cover all their needs for the entire upper elementary levels.


  • Teacher's Answers Key for each problem and activity
  • Activity Puzzles with Answer Key
  • Control Charts for review of Geometry Nomenclature
  • Set with 5 Student Books for Construction Activities.

To discover how this curriculum can fit into your traditional Montessori classroom, take a look at our Upper Elementary Geometry Flow Chart

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