Gonzagarredi Montessori

Gonzagarredi can define itself as The History of Montessori Materials without fear of contradiction, and not just because it started, grew and established itself in Maria Montessori's hometown, but because it was a collaboration with Gonzagarredi that Maria Montessori produced the first materials. It is no coincidence that Gonzagarredi is today one of the only three companies worldwide whose Montessori materials are approved by the AMI (Association Montessori International). 

The fact that the title of the Gonzagarredi company included "Montessori" in its title, bears witness to the unique and indissoluble Montessori roots of the company itself. All products are built on the principles of Maria Montessori and the company continues to develop those ideas. This is illustrated by the fact that even after the death of Maria Montessori, the Gonzagarredi company shared its designs with the leading experts and most importantly Montessori associations throughout the world, such as Giuliana Sorge, one of Maria Montessori's disciples, Maria Antonietta Paolini, another assistant and collaborator of Maria Montessori for many years at the International Montessori Center in Perugia, Camillo Grazzini and Baiba Krumins, Directors of the AMI courses held by the Intranational Montessori Study Centre Foundation in Bergamo, the Association Montessori Interanationale, the Opera Nazionale Montessori, and the Fondazione Chiaravalle Montessori.

Although Maria Montessori, with her innovative ideas and love of children made history not only in Italy but across the continent, Gonzagarredi is proud that it too has made and continues to make contributions every day to this small but important piece of history. 

ETC Montessori through its subsidiary The Montessori Classroom is the exclusive, and only approved, distributor of Gonzagarredi Montessori in North America serving the US and Canada.

The products showing the AMI logo next to the GAM brand have been designed and made in accordance with the specifications provided by the Material Committee of the Association Montessori Internatioanle, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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