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Lower Elementary Math Task Cards - Complete Set

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The curriculum that has set the standard. Proven over and over, that students in public Montessori schools, who have gone through the concepts presented here, are better prepared to make the necessary connections between Montessori presented ideas, and the question they are presented with when taking state tests. 

The front side of every card, gives work that is based on the Montessori math presentation. The back side of the card, presents the language that is often used on state tests to measure knowledge of the same concept. This entire series is designed, written, and presented based on a full alignment between Montessori math and state standards for level 6-9, or grades 1-3. 

With over 1000 cards, offering experiences using golden beads, stamp game, dot board, bead frames, checker board, test tubes, colored bead stair, strip boards, snake games, and finger charts. 



Operations: Teacher's Notes and/or Answer Key

The King and His Three Daughters

Operations: Sample Checklist for Students

Facts: Teacher's Notes and/or Answer Key

Facts: Sample Checklist for Students

ETC DIGITAL Connection:

The entire series of cards is now available as an e-book for Apple and Android Devices. To explore, see samples, and purchase click on the appropriate link below for each section.


iBooks Version

Google Books Version


iBooks Version

Google Books Version


iBooks Version

Google Books Version


iBooks Version

Google Books Version

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