Your Questions About ETC Digital Answered

Posted by MontessoriViews on Mar 25th 2024

Your Questions About ETC Digital Answered

We are all in new territory, but I
have to believe that collective
ingenuity, foresight, and
compassion will see us through" - Jeffries Blackerby

As we continue to move forward, we at ETC Montessori have begun the process of working with a number of schools in order to develop and implement our digital content. Following are answers to some of the most common questions we receive. Although this is by no means a comprehensive list of questions, we encourage you to read through them and if you still have unanswered questions, please either email us or call us at 877-409-2929.

Q: What platforms do you support?

A: Our viewers support the following platforms. Video instructions for installing the viewer are included here:

  1. iOS (view video on how to)
  2. iPad (view video on how to)
  3. iPhone (view video on how to)
  4. iPod (view video on how to)
  5. Android (view video on how to)
  6. Windows (view video on how to) , and
  7. Mac OS. (view video on how to)

Q: Do you support Chromebooks?

A: No, we do not support content for Chromebooks. Chromebooks are web-based devices. We have opted to not support this platform due to inherent security issues.

Q: Are the digital files you provide PDF documents?
A: No, the digital files we provide are proprietary documents. They are PDC documents that are rights managed.

Q: Will I be able to print the documents?
A: No, the documents you receive will require a specialized viewer, which you will need to download and install. In addition to the viewer you will also receive a license for the content you purchase. You will NOT be able to print, copy, screenshot, extract or share the files with others.

Q: How many licenses will I receive?
A: You will receive 2 licenses for every digital file you purchase. That means that you can access the document on 2 different devices. Each device's IP address will be marked so that our system can identify you.

Q: Will I be able to share the cards on Google Docs?
A: No, you will not be able to extract the cards and paste them in a document on Google Docs. Besides, it is against copyright laws to share proprietary materials on a platform such as Google Docs.

Q: If I am giving a presentation through Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, or Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, or Google Meets will I be able to share my screen and show the digital content to my students?
A: Yes, you are always able to share your screen and show yourself and your lecture to the students. However, please be aware of the fact that a large grey box will be present over the controls and depending on the screens most if not all of the digital content will be affected. Furthermore, the moment you stop sharing your screen your group will lose the ability to see the cards. For this reason, we recommend that you invest in additional student licenses.

Q: What if I want each of my students to have their own copy of the digital content?
A: We have made it super easy to get additional Digital Bundles when you purchase the original digital content. Digital bundles are an inexpensive way to allow your students to have their own digital content. Bundles come in groups of 10, 20, or 30 licenses, and they are priced as low as $3.00 a seat.

Q: Does your digital content expire?
A: No, once you have purchased the licenses they are yours to have. You will not lose the content.

Q: Where do I find the ETC Digital Content?
A: Simply click or tap on the link here and view the current line of digital content.

Q: Do you have a subscription model?
A: Not at this time for the content. However, the curriculum overview pacing guide does have a subscription model that must be renewed year after year.

Q: What do we do if the student has moved on and is no longer in need of the content ?
A: Licenses are issued under the teacher's or school's email address. So the teacher, or school, will ultimately have control of those licenses. Once a student has moved on, the school can re-use the license for another group of students if they need to.

Q: How quickly do I receive the licenses?
A: Once you have completed your purchase, licenses are generated and emailed to you within 24-36 hours.

Q: Do you have digital content for the Early Childhood level?
A: No, we strongly believe that students in the Early childhood level should be taught and given opportunities to learn through hands on explorations. We will not develop any apps or digital content that is geared towards the Early Childhood level. We are in the process of developing separate materials for Early Childhood. We will be announcing this in the coming weeks.

Q: What if I change my mind and I don't want the digital files anymore. Are digital files refundable?
A: No, digital files cannot be refunded.

Q: Can I see samples of the digital files?
A: The task cards on the digital files are the exact same cards that you have in printed format. At this time we do not share sample pages.

Q: Are you adding more digital content?
A: Yes, we are constantly in the process of reformatting and redeveloping our materials in a way that they can be used in this new format. Please continue to check back or subscribe to our emails so that you can receive the updates.

Q: Do the digital files contain 3 part nomenclature cards that my students can match?
A: No, we do not create interactive apps. The digital files are simply a way for your students to have access to the same printed cards they have in their classroom. However, they can be interactive allowing for hyperlinks and the ability to explore other online sources as they work on those cards.

Q: I have already purchased the printed cards, is there a discount for the digital cards?
A: The digital files are already priced below the retail cost of the printed cards. There is no additional savings or discounts available for digital files.

Q: If I already have the printed cards, why can't I scan them and make them available through one of the online teaching platforms?
A: Because it is against copyright laws to copy/scan and distribute, project, or store in electronic format copyrighted material without the express permission of the copyright owner.

Q: Can I copy the printed cards I have in my classroom and give them to our parents to use at home? After all I have paid for them.
A: No. Copying the printed materials and distributing them is against copyright laws. Purchasing the materials doesn't transfer the rights of intellectual property to the purchaser. Copyright is still owned by ETC Montessori.