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Pattern Work Mats

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All the necessary mats you will need in order to perform the patterning activities from ETC or the ones you have created on your own.

There are three presentations using these mats. The first, using the two part, three part, or four part straight mat. The second presentation uses the two part, three part, or four part split mat, and provides experience in the prerequisite skill of "turning the corner" for reading. The third presentation uses the two part, three part, or four part split mat for pattern identification. Children are given clues strategically placed on the mat to predict what the total pattern is. Various sizes and sequences.

Please note these are only the mats. Cards are not included. Includes duplicates of the mats so at least 2 children can work on them at the same time. 

Printed on vinyl providing flexibility for rolling up and easy storage, they lay flat when being used. No need for lamination.


6 ETC Acrylic Chart Container - Small

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