The Native American Experience

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Product Overview

May be used in Secondary Y1 C1 & C3: Connections & Identity.

"The Native American Experience" is a curriculum designed for middle school students. This curriculum, in connection with the Timeline of Native Americans, delves into the rich history and culture of Native American communities, the impact of European colonization, and the resilience of Indigenous peoples in the face of adversity. Through engaging lessons, interactive activities, and critical thinking exercises, students will explore key aspects of Native American history, including forced relocation, assimilation policies, legal battles, and the ongoing journey towards healing and self-determination.

Key Features

  • Research question plans with conversation guides and outcomes: Guides for teachers through historical events such as the Indian Removal Act, the establishment of reservations, and the boarding school system. Each research question or conversation point is designed to foster empathy, understanding, and critical thinking among students.

  • Primary Source Analysis: Activities that encourage students to examine primary sources, including treaties, historical documents, and personal narratives. This approach helps students develop critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of historical events.

  • Cultural Exploration Projects: Opportunities for students to explore Native American languages, arts, and traditions through research projects and creative assignments. These projects aim to celebrate the richness of Indigenous cultures and promote cultural appreciation.

  • Discussion and Reflection Guides: Thought-provoking questions and reflection prompts designed to facilitate classroom discussions about the historical and contemporary implications of policies affecting Native American communities. These guides encourage students to consider different perspectives and the importance of reconciliation and justice.

  • Resilience and Resistance Case Studies: Detailed case studies highlighting the resilience and resistance of Native American communities, from historical legal battles to contemporary efforts to preserve cultural heritage and sovereignty.

Curriculum Goals

  • Enhance Historical Understanding: Provide students with a comprehensive overview of significant events in Native American history and their lasting impacts on Indigenous communities and American society.

  • Promote Empathy and Cultural Awareness: Foster empathy and cultural appreciation among students by exploring the rich traditions, languages, and histories of Native American peoples.

  • Develop Critical Thinking Skills: Encourage students to analyze historical sources, consider multiple perspectives, and engage in informed discussions about complex social and historical issues.

  • Inspire Action and Advocacy: Motivate students to consider how they can contribute to ongoing efforts towards equity, reconciliation, and justice for Native American communities.

This set includes the following: 

  • A teachers guide with answer points and guiding questions
  • 25 major concept critical thinking questions
  • 50 supporting questions
  • 5 sets of current trend concepts (suitable for 5 groups or 25-30 students)


The following resources are highly recommended but not needed to use this module:

  • The timeline of Native American History (STL-032)
  • Timeline Of American History (STL-029)
  • The Native American Tribe Chart (ELC-5075)

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