Timeline of Early Humans - Homeschool Edition

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Product Overview

Recognizing the importance of accommodating the unique spaces of homeschooling environments, we are pleased to offer a compact yet comprehensive timeline that illustrates the fascinating development of humankind. This timeline, carefully designed to fit comfortably in home learning areas, measures 11 inches by 87 inches, making it an ideal educational tool for spaces where room is at a premium.

What sets this timeline apart is its foundation in the latest research, offering a vivid depiction of human evolution from early Australopithecines to modern-day Hominids. It utilizes actual photographs to bring this journey to life, providing a tangible connection to our ancestors. This updated version includes exciting new research on our possible common ancestry with Neanderthalensis, enriching the narrative of human evolution with the latest scientific findings.

In addition to tracing the lineage of humankind, the timeline also explores the climatic and continental changes that have occurred over millennia, as well as the evolution of tool technology. These aspects provide a holistic view of our history, contextualizing human development within the broader scope of environmental and technological changes.

A significant feature of this edition is the inclusion of Homo naledi, a species officially announced in September following its discovery in 2013. We waited to update the timeline with this information until the scientific community fully recognized and accepted these findings, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the content.

For an enhanced learning experience, we recommend pairing this timeline with the Human Migration Pattern Charts (ELC-5079). These charts offer insights into the dynamics of human migration, explaining the forces that have driven the movement of populations and shaped the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history.

Printed on thick, durable paper, this timeline is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in a homeschooling environment. The quality of the paper ensures that this educational resource remains a lasting, valuable part of your home learning toolkit, able to endure frequent handling and exploration by curious learners. Includes a guide for utilizing timelines as a teaching tool in a Montessori setting.

Pictures courtesy of Skulls Unlimited International

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