Timeline of History of Numbers - Homeschool Edition

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Mirroring the wealth of information found on our larger timeline, this version is specifically adapted to fit comfortably in smaller spaces. It measures a convenient size of 11 in. x 67 in., making it an ideal fit for home-based learning areas, where it can be easily displayed and interacted with by young learners.

Printed on sturdy, high-quality paper, this timeline is designed to withstand the active, hands-on learning style encouraged in Montessori education. The use of thick, durable paper ensures that this important educational resource remains in excellent condition, ready to support learning and exploration over time. The paper is thick enough where if you decide to laminate it, you may use a 2 or 3 mil lamination.

The Timeline of the History of Numbers traces the fascinating journey of numerical systems and mathematical concepts from their earliest inception to modern times. It provides a visual and historical context for the evolution of numbers, showcasing various numeral systems and mathematical milestones. This timeline is an enlightening resource that brings to light how civilizations across the world have contributed to our understanding and use of numbers today.

This timeline is not only an educational tool but also a visually engaging piece that stimulates curiosity and encourages deeper exploration into the history of mathematics. It supports the Montessori philosophy of fostering an interconnected understanding of the world, blending history, culture, and mathematics into one cohesive narrative.

By using this timeline in conjunction with other Montessori materials, children can develop a comprehensive understanding of numbers, not just as abstract concepts, but as evolving tools that have shaped human history and society. This holistic approach to learning empowers children to appreciate the significance of mathematics in the broader context of human development and progress.

Dimensions: 11" x 67 in.


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