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What's the New Word? Kit A

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This material was developed based on the science of reading, phonemic awareness which includes the principles of: 

  • Segmenting sentences into words, 
  • Compound words into separate words
  • Words into syllables
  • Syllables into isolated phonemes
  • Introduction of letters and their sounds

This shelf activity with the provided movable alphabet letters allows children to work on substitution of initial sounds with a different phoneme to create a new word. This set works with C/V/C words for the pink reading series. Includes all five vowel sounds.

The set includes:

  • 30 Puzzle cards that are printed on extra thick puzzle substrate with individual cuts to differentiate and make each combination unique. The middle plastic layer of this paper has a red color.
  • Red consonant alphabet letters in red for the initial and ending sounds. The letters are laser cut from premium 1/8" colored acrylic and are designed to match exactly the font used on the cards. 

Look at the standards that are addressed with this material.


1 Long Card Holder - Medium and
1 Square Clear Object Holders - Large or

1 ETC Three Compartment Acrylic Container

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