5 Standards Math Bundle Level 6-9

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Ready to put on the shelf. Printed on thick plastic and cut.

Today’s students are expected to show multiple ways to arrive at a solution of a word problem and to communicate that process. The beauty of the Montessori math curriculum is that it shows the same concept from multiple perspectives.

Current standards demand we as teachers must do a better job of asking our students to communicate how they arrived at their solution.

Verifying correct answers and calculations is no longer the expectation of teachers. Using higher level questioning and scaffolding students’ thinking is how we build connections.

This bundle will allow you to meet the five (5) Process Standards for Lower Elementary that are so often required to be in place: 1) Problem solving 2) Reasoning and Proof 3) Communication 4) Connections, and 5) Representations.

The bundle includes the following full sets of materials:

  • Lower Elementary Math Task Cards Complete Set with Facts and Operations (ELC-3023)
  • Fraction Work Level 6-9 (ELC-3025)
  • Introduction to Graphing Level 6-9 (ELC-3052)
  • Measurement Curriculum Level 6-9 (ELC-3056)

To discover how this curriculum can fit into your traditional Montessori classroom, look at our Lower Elementary Math Flow Chart


To view the standards that are met through each of these elements please follow the link to the item description of each item listed above.


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