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The perfect companion to your Timeline of Ancient Civilizations. These set of research questions are designed to guide students through a process of discovery and growth. The set contains 40 cards with over 100 different questions.

Designed to accommodate multiple modes of learning, children begin with the exploration of "Fact" questions which aim to build knowledge.

The next step creates a bridge between the past and the present by offering activities and research ideas that link the past with our current ideas in government, finance, and life.

Finally, to round off this material, students are offered a third set of questions, aimed at specifically analyzing and interpreting facts, ideas, actions, and relationships. Here students develop an understanding of cause and effect. Each card offers projects that present extensive ideas. Students are allowed to pick a project and by drawing from their previously acquired knowledge they bring together the facts that will allow them to present their findings and opinions in a meaningful manner to the rest of their classmates.     

The set includes the following: 

  • Fact Questions: 51 questions
  • Linking the Past with the Present: 12 questions
  • Analysis & Interpretation: 22 questions
  • Projects: 21

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Look at our History Flow Chart for Upper Elementary to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori history curriculum.


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