Botany Nomenclature Level 6-9

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Product Overview

  • No Lamination Required.
  • Printed on Premium Thick Plastic and Cut.
  • This material is ready to start using. No other prep work is needed.

Here you will find all the concepts and nomenclature you will need for the lower elementary botany studies. We have designed the Lower Elementary Botany Nomenclature to have a focus on the parts and types, so it can be easily understood and well incorporated with other materials.

Our botany nomenclature features the following benefits:

  • Written in a language that is easy to understand using words specifically chosen for lower elementary students.
  • Real pictures so students can see what they are studying and follow along with real samples you might provide for them.
  • Completely up-to-date and accurate.

Includes the following:

  • Nomenclature cards (114 Total Nomenclature cards):
    • Plant overview (21 cards)
    • Root system (8 cards)
    • Stem system (9 cards)
    • Leaf system (24 cards)
    • Flowers (23 cards)
    • Fruits (18 cards)
    • Seeds (11 cards)
  • Control Charts (31 Total Control Charts):
    • Plant overview (5 charts)
    • Root system (2 charts)
    • Stem system (4 charts)
    • Leaf system (5 charts)
    • Flowers (8 charts)
    • Fruits (5 charts)
    • Seeds (2 charts)
  • Booklets (30 Total Pre-cut Booklets):
    • Plant overview (5 booklets)
    • Root system (2 booklets)
    • Stem system (4 booklets)
    • Leaf system (5 booklets)
    • Flowers (8 booklets)
    • Fruits (5 booklets)
    • Seeds (2 booklets)

Card sizes are as follows:

Whole Card  3¾ x 5 in.  9.5 x 12.7 cm.
Part Card 3¾ x 4 in. 9.5 x 10.2 cm.
Label Card 3¾ x 1 in 9.5 x 2.5 cm.
Wall Chart 8.5 x 11 in. 21.6 x 28 cm.


Look at our Science Flow Chart for Lower Elementary to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori curriculum. To see which subjects, correspond to what levels please download the list here.


View the Standards met through this material.


Based on a rotational display model

4 Acrylic Sorters and 1 set of Plastic Sleeve Holders (will utilize 18 holders) or

2 Plastic Clear Sorter and 1 set of Plastic Sleeve Holders (will utilize 18 holders)