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In 2005 we began selling full classroom solutions. Today our classroom solutions can be found in AMS and AMI classrooms all over the United States, Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

We believe our materials have the power to transform classrooms.They can create new sparks. New ways of thinking. Yet our foundations never change: Nurturing the child's potential. We our proud to be working alongside Montessorians who are not afraid to see how tradition and innovation can work together. ETC continues to bring you original, innovative, and beautiful materials.
Discover what makes our full classroom solutions different.

Complementary Support.

Our consultants are not only Montessori teachers, but they are also Montessori trainers. This means that when you call in with questions about implementing the curriculum that is in your complete classroom solution, you can rest assured that the answers you receive will work.

Every classroom solution includes complementary support.Teachers can receive one-on-one support, either by phone, or Skype.

A Heutink/Nienhuis partner.

Attention to detail and quality has always been something we continue to strive. Our company spirit of Total Montessori has driven us to partner with one of the oldest names in the Montessori field - Nienhuis. All of the hardwood materials that go into creating our full classroom solutions carry the Nienhuis name, and guarantee. Today Nienhuis is equivalent to the standard in Montessori materials.

Warranty and FREE replacement.

All of the printed materials are produced in the US. Furthermore, in order to ensure quality control, we do all of the printing and finishing in-house. For this reason, we stand behind every single card that leaves our Houston warehouse. 

Integrated Curriculum

When you purchase curriculum materials from ETC Montessori you will actually receive the full curriculum.
That's because we don't believe in taking a set of materials and dividing them up into smaller parts. Each set of curriculum is complete and includes all aspects associated with that subject, so that you can effectively, and fully implement your presentations.

Update Assurance

Your purchase of a complete classroom solution comes automatically with a one (1) year of update assurance. For you, that means that any new product we release, within one year from the date you purchased your classroom, and we include it in that classroom for the following year, you will receive that item FREE of charge. For your students, it means that the curriculum they have in their hands will stay up-to-date.

Meet AMS, AMI, CCSS, NGSS Standards

Everything included in our full classroom solutions has been carefully selected so that your new or updated classroom will be able to meet the AMS essential requirements of a Montessori classroom.
Full Nienhuis Classroom Solutions meet AMI requirements, while our ETC Montessori currilum solutions  have been designed so that they meet NGSS and Core standards.

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