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  • No Lamination Required.
  • Printed on Premium Thick Plastic and Cut.
  • This material is ready to start using. No other prep work is needed.

The first and only Montessori Classroom solution to be fully aligned to Common Core and NGSS standards. 

This solution is designed for those seeking to add a well-rounded curriculum for their Elementary II class. It is assumed that the school has the hardwood materials they need and is only looking to supplement printed materials that support the hardwood, are updating their curriculum to meet standards, or are setting up a new classroom.

Our Elementary II Montessori Curriculum Solution is the only one on the market that fully meets the AMS recommendations.

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Elementary II Full Classroom Container Set

This Classroom Solution Includes the following:




  • Upper Elementary Geometry - Area (ELC-3036)
  • Upper Elementary Geometry - Volume (ELC-3037)
  • Upper Elementary Geometry - Constructions and Task Cards w/Geometry Nomenclature Control Charts (ELC-3038)
  • Deriving the Area of Geometric Figures (ELC-3041)
  • Geometry with Tangrams and Pattern Blocks (ELC-3042)
  • Understanding Graphs and Their Uses Level 9-12 (ELC-3053)
  • Upper elementary Attribute Work with Task Cards (ELC-3020
  • Constructing 3D Platonic Solids (ELC-3044)
  • Constructing 3D Archimedean Solids (ELC-3045)
  • Constructing 3D Kepler-Poinsot Polyhedra (ELC-3046)
  • Constructing 3D Uniform Polyhedra (ELC-3047)
  • Constructing 3D Pyramids (ELC-3049)


  • Timeline of the Creation of the Universe (TL-022DISP)
  • The Human Journey (ELC-5050)
  • Timeline of life (Working Model) (TL-024W)
  • Timeline of Life Research Cards (ELC-5072)
  • Timeline of Early Humans (TL-026DISP)
  • Stone tool Nomenclature (ELC-5080)
  • Human Migration Chart (ELC-5076)
  • Patterns of Human Migration (ELC-5079)
  • Timeline of History of Numbers (TL-023DISP)
  • History of Numbers Nomenclature (ELC-5085)
  • Timeline of Language (TL-025DISP)
  • History of Language Nomenclature (ELC-5086)
  • Timeline of Ancient Civilizations (TL-027DISP)
  • Seven Wonders of the World (ELC-5070)
  • Timeline of American History (TL-029DISP)
  • American Presidents Nomenclature (ELC-5078A)
  • American Presidents Who Am I? cards (ELC-5078B)
  • Influential Leaders and Revolutionaries (ELC-5088)
  • Native American Indian Tribe Chart (ELC-5075)
  • Fundamental Needs of Native American Indians (ELC-5082)
  • Timeline of African American History (TL-36DISP)
  • Timeline of Explorers and Explorations (TL-31DISP)
  • Timeline of Scientists and Scientific Discoveries (TL-30DISP)
  • Influential Scientists and Thinkers (ELC-5087)
  • 100 Greatest Scientific Discoveries-Research and Activity Cards (ELC-4040)
  • Timeline of World Religions (TL-35DISP)
  • Gods of Ancient Civilizations (ELC-5081)
  • Timeline of Music (TL-33DISP)
  • Timeline of Art (TL-34DISP)
  • Influential Artists and Entertainers (ELC-5089)
  • Timeline of Peace & Human Rights (TL-37DISP)


  • Functional Geography Charts Level 9-12 (ELC-5084)
  • Large Impressionistic Charts for 9-12 (ELC-5084C)
  • Giant Map of the World (ELC-5002C)


  • Upper Elementary Botany Nomenclature (ELC-4069)
    • The Three Domain Charts (Working model) (ELC-4072)
    • Six Kingdoms Charts (Working model) (ELC-4073)
    • Kingdom Archaeobacteria (Working model) (ELC-4070)
    • Kingdom Eubacteria (Working model) (ELC-4071)
    • Kingdom Protoctista (Working model) (ELC-4056)
    • Kingdom Fungi (Working model) (ELC-4057)
    • Kingdom Plantae (Working model) (ELC-4058)
    • Kingdom Animalia (Working model) (ELC-4059)
  • Taxonomy Circles for 5 or 6 Kingdoms (Chinese Boxes) depending on your selection above (ELC-4060 or ELC-4065)
  • Upper Elementary Chemistry Curriculum (ELC-4052B)
  • Physical Science Curriculum (ELC-4053)
  • Ecology I (ELC-4049A)
  • Ecology II (ELC-4049B)
  • Leaf Morphology Chart (ELC-4076)
  • Leaf Morphology Nomenclature with Etymology (ELC-4075)
  • Plant Physiology (ELC-4077)
  • Large Botany impressionistic charts (ELC-4078)
  • Human Physiology (ELC-4081)
  • The Great River (ELC-4083)
  • Periodic Table Curriculum - includes large periodic table (ELC-4050)
  • Cell Division Mitosis (ELC-4011)
  • Cell Division Meiosis (ELC-4012)


Elementary II Full Classroom Container Set


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