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Measurement Curriculum Level 9-12

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Everything you will need to introduce your students to the concepts of measurement using scientific tools. The curriculum is designed to use the Standard measurements, which is the one used when conducting any scientific investigation and experimentation.

The following are included in this curriculum:

  1. Measurement Using Scientific Tools
  2. Prefixes for Metric system sorting
  3. Nomenclature for Measurement Definitions
  4. Tools Used for Measurement
  5. Task Cards for Safety Procedures
  6. Task Cards for: Length, Temperature, Volume, and Weight
  7. Task Cards for Experimental Design
  8. Nomenclature for Geological Time
  9. Experiments for Rock Layers and measuring geological time
  10. Nomenclature for Dendrochronology - Measurement of time in tree growth rings
  11. Activities for Dendrochronology

Look at our Upper Elementary Science Flow Chart to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori curriculum

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