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Ecology Level 9-12

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Designed for the novice as well as the experienced individuals, teachers can now introduce their students to advanced concepts of ecology without hesitations. This curriculum is aimed to be used with students aged 10 and above. 

Based on more advanced concepts, Ecology II deals extensively with the interactions between living organisms and their environment. Through this curriculum, students are encouraged to discover the basis for change, adaptations, and ultimate survival. It is often stated that "genetics proposes, but nature decides." This curriculum looks at how nature plays a vital role in the interactions that dictate the outcome of survival. 

Included elements:

  1. Complete Nomenclature on Ecology II
  2. Control Charts for all Sections
  3. Activities for All Sections
  4. General Animal Adaptations
  5. Evolutionary Theories Darwinism and Lamarckism
  6. Bird: Beak and Foot Adaptations
  7. Mammals: Skull Adaptations
  8. Biodiversity
  9. Population Control Factors
  10. Degradation of Soil Factors: Physical, Chemical, Biological
  11. Population Health Factor Activities
  12. Defensive Mimicry
  13. Aggressive Mimicry

Scope and Sequence

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