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Ecology Level 6-9

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Discover the fundamentals of ecology, this set of cards, activities, projects, and research cards is the only one on the market available as a complete curriculum. Introduce your children to the intricacies of nature with this colorful curriculum in the study of ecology. With the use of full color photographs, children will explore the biotic and abiotic elements necessary in each land and water biome. Based on the World Wildlife Fund biome classification system, your students will investigate how each of class of animal has adapted to their environment; as well as study some animals that are on the endangered list, how they fit into the food web, and deduct some of the causes for their status. Discover the interconnectedness of each biome and come to understand our responsibility in maintaining this balance.

The unique presentation of this material is sure to capture their attention. Peel off each layer of the decagon as you introduce each biome to reveal our planet.

Included elements:

  1. Nomenclature on ecology
  2. Layers of the soil
  3. Composition of soil
  4. Layers of the tropical forest
  5. Layers of temperate forest
  6. Layers of the ocean
  7. Decomposers
  8. Earth science cycle charts (Layers of the Ocean, and Rock Formation Chart)
  9. Elements for creating food webs for each biome
  10. What am I cards for biomes
  11. Activities, teacher's notes
  12. Decagon pieces and decagon chart of the earth.

Dimensions for decagon of earth: 36" x 33" (does not require to be laminated)


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