Phonograms Level 6-9

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Understanding phonograms helps readers and writers decode words and spell words correctly.

Phonograms are the letter symbols that comprise a sound. Phonograms may be made up of one letter or letter teams. For example, the /b/ in the word 'boy' is made up of a single letter 'b.' However, the /ch/ in the word 'chip' is comprised of a letter team 'ch' that come together to make a single sound.

Letter teams may be consonant teams, such as /ck/ in 'duck', or they may be vowel teams, such as the 'ai' in 'pail.' Letter teams also represent the 'r-controlled vowels,' such as /er/ in 'bird.' Letter teams may represent irregular sounds as well, such as 'ci' that contains the /sh/ in 'mortician.'

Every sound within a word has a phonogram to represent it. For example, in the word 'rip,' you hear three individual sounds (/r/-/i/-/p/), which are represented by three phonograms (r-i-p). However, in the word 'right,' you also hear three individual sounds (/r/-/i/-/t/) that are represented by the phonograms (r-igh-t). The number of phonograms matches the number of sounds but does not necessarily match the number of letters that are used to create that sound.

Understanding phonograms makes decoding and spelling words much easier.

This material contains 3 Levels with 14 sets in each level to help introduce the phonograms and provide the necessary practice.

  • Level 1: Uses the movable alphabet to isolate sounds. Provides auditory as well as visual discrimination.
  • Level 2: Offers students the opportunity to choose appropriate phonograms for spelling practice.
  • Level 3: Offers students the opportunity to create their own sentences using words that contain phonograms. 

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