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Timeline of Life Research Cards

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Designed to provide flexibility, you may use these cards at various levels as your students explore the Timeline of Life. The set offers two types of cards.

The first set of cards are sized at 2" x 8" and are double sided. One side provides a representational picture of the associated era, ideal for the lower elementary students. The second side is geared towards the upper elementary students, and provides a complete write up of the events that took place in the evolution of life, as well as the geological events that characterized that time, and how they might have affected life. Cards cover the time frame on the Montessori Timeline of Life (TL-024) up to the Cenozoic before the age of humans.

The second set of cards measure 4" x 6" and contain research questions, along with a map of the world as it was during the associated time period. Each card offers not only deductive questions but also an advanced question for students who are looking to further their research.

Cards are printed on 14pt. glossy card stock and have a UV coating on them for extra durability and protection. They are pre-cut and are ready to put on the shelf. 


Take a look at our History Flow Chart for Upper Elementary to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori history curriculum.


1 Clear Snap Envelope with 1 Acrylic Sorter or 1 ETC Open Clear Container

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