ETC Montessori Elementary II Curriculum

Working with Advanced Fractions

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This set of cards is designed to give students all the practice and insight needed to work effectively with fractions.

Printed in full color, each card is double sided. On the front side the students will find a section for Concept and another section for Operations. Turn the card over and each one contains a word problem that will challenge and move them towards developing higher level thinking skills using specific word problem strategies.

The complete setup includes:

  • Task cards for the following sections:
    • Equivalent Fractions
    • Multiplicative Identity
    • Addition and Subtraction with Unlike Denominators
    • Multiplication of Fractions
    • Division of Fractions
    • Operations with Mixed Fractions
    • Simplifying with Multiplicative Identity
  • Teachers Section with Answer Key
  • Transparency overlays for fraction development and equivalency

This set of materials was designed with those students who are ready to move beyond the introductory understanding of fractions. Based on Core standards, the skills presented here will not only help your students with their tests of basic skills, but will prepare them for the advanced skills they will need in pre-algebra and algebra.

Take a look at our Upper Elementary Math Flow Chart to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori math curriculum.


Teacher's Notes and/or Answer Key

Common Core Standards


2 ETC Large Slotted Containers or 2 ETC Acrylic Sorters

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