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Montessori curriculum by its very nature has a different approach than traditional curriculum. It requires the implementation of self direction, empowerment to own the knowledge, responsibility, and respect for the process and others. That's why at the ETC research and development labs we strive to employ some of the most well known names in the industry. We are not a home based business. Nonetheless, our materials are made with attention to detail, backed and supported by research, testing, consistency and individualized attention. Award-winning graphic artists, experienced teachers and in-classroom-testing by their students, as well as training centers and their adult learners, all contribute to the development and implementation of our curricula. Together we create stunningly beautiful designs that not only attract a child's attention but also retains it. Our commitment to Montessori requires that everything we design is meticulously tested and fine tuned to achieve the desired result.


Our mission, our core values and our individual desires are meshed into creating what your children hold and use every day. The ETC Montessori curriculum your children use are as much a part of us as we are a part of them. We believe that what we create will not only impact their thoughts but will ultimately mater in how they view their future.


We aspire to innovate.  We exist to improve and positively impact lives. We are where tradition meets innovation.

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