ETC Montessori Elementary II Curriculum

Fables, Myths, and Legends Level 9-12

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This set of materials rounds out your literature based program.  This multi-purpose set can be used for independent work or guided reading activities. It will enhance your cultural curriculum and expose children to higher level reading analysis skills. 

This set of materials and cards, are designed to give your students the necessary exposure and build the skills they will need in order to better utilize the resources they will be given in the Montessori middle school for literature analysis.  

Included are the following lessons: 


  • 1st lesson- Introduction to Tall Tales: Figurative Language 
  • 2nd lesson- American Tall Tales and Making Inferences 
  • 3rd lesson- The Language of Mythology 
  • 4th lesson- Comparing Tall Tales and Poetry 
  • 5th lesson- Fable, Myth, Tall Tale: Messages and Themes 
  • 6th lesson- Tall Tales and the Movies 


  • 1st lesson- Introduction to Legends 
  • 2nd lesson- Themes of Legends and Tall Tales 
  • 3rd lesson- Which Story is Which?: Summarizing and Paraphrasing Part 1 
  • 4th lesson- Which Story is Which?: Summarizing and Paraphrasing Part 2 
  • 5th lesson- How Stories Fit Together: Paragraphs, Chapters, Scenes, & Stanzas 


  • 1st lesson- how a plot unfolds- examining a heroes actions and reactions 
  • 2nd lesson- developing point of view in a story- myth 
  • 3rd lesson- fables and figurative language- intro to personification 
  • 4th lesson- connotation and denotation in a story

A set of three different level task cards are provided that place an emphasis on reading comprehension while incorporating writing skills.

The set includes:

  • Teacher's Edition
  • Task Card Questions Level 4 (15)
  • Task Card Questions Level 5 (15)
  • Task Card Questions Level 6 (15)

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