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Five Kingdom Bundle PRO

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12.80 LBS

All bundles include a 10% discount.

Ready to put on the shelf. Printed on thick plastic and cut.

One of our most popular packages. It includes:

Every kingdom chart includes the control, mute, and movable pieces. Printed on the same material as our timelines are, these charts do not require lamination.


ETC 3-Slotted Container and ETC Simple Horizontal Chart Holder for the kingdom Charts

Clear Snap Envelopes - Large for Chinese Boxes

slotted boxes or 4 acrylic crystal sorters with 10 medium snap envelopes and 1 Set of Plastic Sleeve Holder (will utilize 16 sleeves) for Animal and Planty Stories

Acrylic Sorters or 2 ETC Large Slotted Boxes and 5 Clear Snap Envelopes - Small for Main Characteristics of the Five Classes.


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