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Six Kingdom Bundle PRO

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  • No Lamination Required.
  • Printed on Premium Thick Plastic and Cut.
  • This material is ready to start using. No other prep work is needed.

One of our most popular packages. It includes:

Every kingdom chart includes the control, mute, and movable pieces. Printed on Stayflat recycled plastic, these charts do not need to be laminated.


Look at our Lower Elementary Science Flow Chart and our Upper Elementary Science Flow Chart, to see how this bundle fits in with the traditional Montessori curriculum  


To view the standards that are met through each of these elements please follow the link to the item description of each item listed above.


ETC 3-Slotted Container and ETC Simple Horizontal Chart Holder for the kingdom Charts

Clear Snap Envelopes - Large for Chinese Boxes

slotted boxes or 4 acrylic crystal sorters with 10 medium snap envelopes and 1 Set of Plastic Sleeve Holder (will utilize 16 sleeves) for Animal and Planty Stories

Acrylic Sorters or 2 ETC Large Slotted Boxes and 5 Clear Snap Envelopes - Small for Main Characteristics of the Five Classes.

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