ETC Montessori is proud to announce the acquisition of, a significant step in our journey to support and enrich homeschooling experiences worldwide. This acquisition marks a new chapter in our commitment to making Montessori education accessible and effective for homeschooling families. has been a trusted resource for parents seeking to incorporate Montessori principles into their homeschooling routines. By integrating this platform into the ETC Montessori family, we aim to:


1. Enhance our collection of Montessori materials, and Montessori curriculum specifically designed for homeschooling environments.

2. Build a stronger, more connected community of Montessori homeschoolers, facilitating knowledge sharing and mutual support.


Our vision is to benefit the homeschooling families by helping them gain access to a wider array of Montessori resources, from early childhood to elementary levels, ensuring a seamless learning experience for children. Additionally, a unified platform means easier access to materials and support, simplifying the homeschooling journey for families.


The acquisition of is more than an expansion; it's a reflection of our deepening commitment to the homeschooling community. ETC Montessori, now coupled with the strengths of, stands at the forefront of a new era in home-based Montessori education. We are excited to embark on this journey together, enhancing the educational landscape for homeschooling families globally.


Discover the enriched world of homeschooling using the Montessori pedagogy.

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