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K-1 Math Concepts

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It comes complete with counting markers. This kit contains 130 task cards, for the following concepts:

Quantity Cards

Six sets of quantity cards using pictures of golden beads to develop place value concepts. These cards will allow children to work independently starting with "fetch" games, matching color-coded numerals to picture quantities, and moving to non-coded numerals. 

60 full color cards. 

Greater than, less than and equal to cards

Three sets using pictures of golden beads, and color-coded numbers, to introduce and solidify concepts of greater than, less than and equal to

30 full color cards. 

Fractional Set

Three sets of task cards are used after the introduction of fractions to help children make fractions using colored disks and pattern blocks. Set 3 leads to looking at ratios.

24 full color cards and 14 black and white.   

Ordinal number set

Two sets of task cards that help students solidify concepts dealing with ordinal positions of objects.

13 full color cards.

The following resource materials are available through our sister company, The Montessori Classroom:


2 ETC Open Clear Containers

9 Snap Envelopes - Small

1 set of Plastic Sleeve Holders

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