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This material was developed under the guidance and leadership of Derek Webb, principal of DEK Studio, a leading architectural firm in Houston TX. 

From time to time as teachers, we find ourselves being faced with the task of meeting the needs of those students who have a different grasp of geometry, art, math, and even science. We find ourselves challenged by their perception of space and design, and their definition of beauty. They see beauty in straight lines, angles, light, and shadows. Our first go-to action is to encourage them to take up photography, thus bypassing concepts such as geometry, art appreciation, design and/or math.

This uniquely integrated curriculum brings Geometry, Math, History, Technology, Art, and Science together. Designed for levels 9-12 it begins by encouraging children to explore and develop an understanding of the foundational concepts relating to architecture. It then moves to actual designs, experimentation, and functionality. Activities that engage make use of MakerSpace, along with a hands-on approach to implement NGSS standards, it allows for an innovative way of bringing STEM into your classroom. Moving through time, children are introduced to architectural styles, unique approaches, and designs that elevate art to new level of perceptual adaptation, where they can focus on concrete foundational knowledge and build on ideas that go past a simple arch or a bridge made out of popsicles.

The study of impressive structures takes on a new form. Their explorations lead them to a deeper understanding of how art has been used not only to define periods in time, but also how an architectural work can transcend stereotypes to become a cultural symbol, and even a work of art. Children will start to develop an understanding of the scientific principles necessary for planning, designing, and building such impressive structures.

Begin using the information and activities as a springboard that combines Art and Geometry to enhance group projects in such a way that your students are enticed to think of architecture in a new way. For architecture, despite all its constraints relating to safety, function, climate responsibility and economy, brings about inspiration using light and form; that it achieves the same qualities Art does through the ages, down to the abstract quality of what defines "beauty". 

Through the included activities, students can begin viewing MakerSpace more than just a place where they create concrete objects. This is a curriculum that incorporates STEM with the abstract beauty that is often associated with architecture.   

The accompanying teacher's notes/manual is carefully designed to give enough information and guidance so that teachers immediately feel comfortable presenting the fundamental concepts and making use of available technology.


  • Nomenclature Cards
  • Control Charts
  • Booklet
  • Experiment cards
  • Major Structures through History Cards
  • Concept Application cards
  • Major STEM Project, and
  • Teacher's Manual.


Science Record Forms

Graphing Worksheet

Engineering Design Process Form

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STEM - Architecture