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Teaching Poetry Level 9-12

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Continuing the work that was started with Teaching Poetry Level 6-9, this second part of the curriculum focuses on more advanced types of poetry, examples, research, and activities that are geared towards the students in Elementary II. This Language arts module is written and researched so that it allows your students to enjoy poetry in a low anxiety level environment that fosters creativity, imagination, and fun.

The materials are designed to meet Core standards with each standard outlined and listed by grade or level. A full manual with teacher lessons on how to present each concept is included, along with an answer key. 

The Level 9-12 unit includes the following:

  • Introduction lessons
  • Additional resources lists
  • Core standards by level/grade
  • Teacher and presentation lesson for each concept
  • Answer key
  • 20 Level 4 task cards
  • 20 Level 5 task cards
  • 20 Level 6 task cards
  • 27 Teacher Presented Nomenclature cards with picture, label, and definition
  • 24 Types of poems cards with definitions and examples


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