2nd and 3rd Level Geometry Task Cards

ETC Montessori

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Find the needed concepts to complete follow up activities for box of sticks and classified nomenclature presentations in an organized and well-presented task card format, and sorting activities. The task cards are designed to help students move from basic concepts to the more advanced ideas associated with lines, angles, quadrilaterals, polygons, and circles.

Our approach here is to help students examine concepts and ideas, by teaching them to break down complex suppositions into their basic parts. The method for this approach is vital as the foundations for understanding geometric concepts come into play when it is necessary to provide geometric proofs, and deductions. 

Concept task cards include:

  • Lines
    • Curved and Straight lines
    • Parts of a Line
    • Relationship of a line to a plane
    • Relationship between two lines
  • Angles
    • Parts of an Angle
    • Principal Angles
    • Measurement of Angles
  • Triangles
    • Study of Figures
    • Study of a Triangle
    • Types of Triangles
  • Quadrilaterals
    • Types of Quadrilaterals
  • Polygons
    • Perimeter of Polygons
    • Study of Polygons
  • Circles
    • Study of Circles
  • Congruency
    • Study of Congruency
  • Similarity
    • Study of Similarity
  • Equivalency
    • Study of Equivalency

Sorting Activities included:

  • Position of one line
  • Position of two lines
  • Types of Triangles
  • Types of Angles

(Pictured booklets and manipulatives are NOT included in this set.)


Look at our Geometry Flow Chart for Lower Elementary to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori geometry curriculum.


View the Standards that are met through this material.


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