Advanced Number Line Concepts

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Take your students on an exciting numerical journey with our comprehensive "Advanced Number Line Concepts"! This engaging program presents advanced number line concepts in an accessible, age-appropriate manner, facilitating a deep and lasting understanding of the fundamental structures of mathematics.

Over 40 cards, measuring 8.5" x 5.5", offering over 20 advanced concepts and drills. Printed on plastic double sided, the cards offer the concepts on the front side while the back has the drill exercises. 

This unique curriculum offers:

  • A Comprehensive Introduction: Our program starts with the basics, explaining what a number line is, and guides students to place numbers on it confidently.

  • In-depth Number Classifications: Embark on a journey through the world of numbers. From whole and natural numbers to integers and rational numbers, we've got all bases covered!

  • Understanding Open and Closed Number Lines: Get to grips with different types of number lines and understand the meaning and use of each.

  • Mastering Number Line Scale: We'll teach how to divide and scale number lines effectively for different uses.

  • Working with Decimals and Fractions: Place decimal numbers and fractions on a number line with ease. Also, students will learn how to convert fractions to decimals and vice versa on a number line.

  • Addition and Subtraction on Number Lines: Develop a practical understanding of how to add and subtract numbers using a number line.

  • Negative Numbers Exploration: A deep dive into negative numbers, helping students understand and manipulate them confidently.

  • The Power of Absolute Values: Students will learn about absolute numbers and their real-world significance.

  • Comparing and Contrasting: Using number lines, students will learn to compare numbers effectively.

  • Inequalities and Their Representation: Learn how to represent inequalities on a number line accurately.

  • Introduction to Opposite Numbers: A clear and comprehensive guide to understanding and identifying opposite numbers on a number line.


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