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Number Line Extensions Level 6-9

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According to the latest research on how the brain learns math "by the age of 6 children have developed a mental number line that gives them central conceptual structure for whole numbers." Extending the basic number line, these activities place scale, fractions, and money on a number line. All four task cards meet common core suggestions for lower elementary mathematics.

This curriculum makes use of the "empty number line."

The "empty number line" is an instructional method for teaching mathematics that was developed in the Netherlands in the 90s. It is a powerful teaching tool that aids students in visualizing and understanding number concepts and operations.

In contrast to the traditional number line, which has numbers already placed along the line, the empty number line is initially blank, allowing students to add their own numbers. The line represents a continuum of numbers, and students mark relevant numbers on it as they solve problems.

The concept emphasizes mental calculation. Students use the empty number line to demonstrate and articulate their strategies and reasoning, often beginning with larger, easier jumps, and then making smaller, precise jumps as needed. For example, when solving an addition or subtraction problem, students can use the number line to show jumps forward (for addition) or jumps backward (for subtraction).

The empty number line encourages a deep understanding of number relationships and operations. It helps students to become flexible, resourceful, and confident in their use of numbers and calculations.

Description of number lines:

  • Number line set 1: Four different activities where children place numerals on the number line in various scales.
  • Number line set 2: Four different activities where children place fractional circles, squares, and triangles on a number line in relation to each other.
  • Number line set 3: Four different activities where children place coins on a number line and label their fractional value to a dollar.
  • Number line set 4: Eight different activities where children place equivalent fraction pieces on a number line, equivalent fractions and compound fractions.

Number lines are printed on durable vinyl so there is no need to laminate them. All the pieces come cut and ready to put on the shelf when ordering on thick plastic.


Cheat Sheet for shapes and fractions


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1 Set of Plastic Sleeve Holders (will utilize 12)

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