ETC Montessori Elementary I Curriculum

Number Line Extensions Level 6-9

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According to the latest research on how the brain learns math "by the age of 6 children have developed a mental number line that gives them central conceptual structure for whole numbers." Extending the basic number line, these activities place scale, fractions, and money on a number line. All four task cards meet common core suggestions for lower elementary mathematics.

Description of number lines:

  • Number line set 1: Four different activities where children place numerals on the number line in various scales.
  • Number line set 2: Four different activities where children place fractional circles, squares, and triangles on a number line in relation to each other.
  • Number line set 3: Four different activities where children place coins on a number line and label their fractional value to a dollar.
  • Number line set 4: Eight different activities where children place equivalent fraction pieces on a number line, equivalent fractions and compound fractions.

Number lines are printed on durable vinyl so there is no need to laminate them.


1 ETC Acrylic Sorter

1 Set of Plastic Sleeve Holders (will utilize 12)

1 ETC Clear Open Container - Small

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