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Montessori Third Great Lesson Bundle

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Ready to put on the shelf. Printed on thick plastic and cut.

Find the important elements of putting together the presentation of Maria Montessori's third great lesson, "The Coming of Humans". Each item is designed to provide multidisciplinary curricular connectivity. Use them to create connections, and extensions.

Included in this package:

  • Fundamental Needs of Humans Chart (ELC-5074C)
  • Timeline of Early Humans (TL-026)
  • Human Migration Pattern Charts (ELC-5079)
  • Timeline of Art (TL-034)
  • Timeline of Ancient Civilizations (TL-027)
  • Seven Wonders of the World Set (ELC-5070)
  • BC/AD Timeline (TL-028)
  • Gods of Ancient Civilizations (ELC-5081)
  • Timeline of World Religions (TL-035)
  • Timeline of Explorers and Explorations (TL-031)
  • Timeline of Native Indian History (TL-032)
  • African American Heroes (ELC-5090)


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