Montessori's Second Great Lesson Bundle

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"The Coming of Life".

Montessori’s second Great Lesson picks up where the first left off. The Earth has cooled, the oceans have formed, and our planet is ready for life. Out of the “primordial soup” of the Earth’s ancient oceans, complex molecules came together to form the first single-celled organisms.

No one knows exactly how this happened- it is one of the three great modern mysteries of science. What we do know is that from the first moment that single-celled organism came into being, our planet was alive.

Life began to multiply and change. It branched out in all directions and developed creative solutions to the problems it faced. Eventually, life in the oceans was able to make its way out onto the dry land and spread out over the entire surface of our little blue planet.

Remember that this is not a story about the past, it is a story that is still being written. We all continue to be a part of the evolving and changing, living planet called Earth.

Each item is designed to provide multidisciplinary curricular connectivity. Use them to create connections and extensions.

Included in this package:


To view the standards that are met through each of these elements please follow the link to the item description of each item listed above.

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