Understanding Art Through Language and Writing Year B - Digital Edition

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This series may be used with the IB Middle Years Programme. 

Using a truly innovative approach this series allows for cross-disciplinary learning. Students use writing and language skills to analyze works of art by famous painters. 

Each picture comes with questions geared at developing and encouraging critical thinking, helping them with such tasks as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Furthermore, questions are provided for "Investigative Understanding". Here students are able to implement their observation and communication skills to answer questions relating to exposition, conflict, and finally climax. 

Their writing experience culminates with the age old practice of storytelling. With clear objectives students will develop a story topic, write their story, exchange peer reviews, and perform a self evaluation. 

Meets standards for the National Council of Teachers of English as well as the International Reading Association, and the National Education Technology Standards. 

Each section is designed to allow the students to work using the cycle system along with the theme concept. 

100 pages

  • Forces and Validations
  • Structures and Networks
  • Power and Potential
  • Changes and Revolutions
  • Balance and Equity  

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