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Learning About Money Level 6-9

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Printed in full color, with beautiful, detailed pictures, this kit contains everything you will need to teach your students about money and operations with money. Contains nomenclature and activities along with values of coins, counting coins, and exchanging money. Included are 20 task cards for each level. Printed on cover stock.

It starts off by touching on base knowledge by having children recognize money and moves into analytical knowledge by giving them opportunities to work through counting, and symbol recognition. Synthesis knowledge is achieved through cards that explore analogies. Meets core standards.


  • Nomenclature
  • Value of Coins
  • Counting Like Coins
  • Counting Different Coins
  • Money Symbol Introduction
  • Multiple Ways of Forming Values
  • Making Change - Rebus Stories - From Single and Multiple Coins
  • Level 1 Word Problems - Task Cards
  • Level 2 Word Problems - Task Cards
  • Level 3 Word Problems - Task Cards
  • 100 task cards with money analogies

This kit also comes complete with plastic coins in the following quantities:

  • 100 pennies
  • 30 nickels
  • 30 dimes
  • 30 quarters
  • 15 half dollars
  • 15 Sacajawea dollars


Teacher's Notes and/or Answer Key

The following stamps may also be used with this curriculum: Coin Stamps or Coin Stamp Kit.

View the Standards met through this material


9 Acrylic Sorters 


9 ETC Large Slotted Boxes

1 set of Plastic Sleeve Holders (will utilize 45 holders)

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