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Lower and Upper Case Letter Differentiation

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Printed on thick plastic, cut with all corners rounded. No lamination required. Shelf ready.

This shelf ready work with provided capital and lower-case movable alphabet letters, helps children to recognize lower case letters associated with the initial sound of a picture and provides opportunities to learn the corresponding upper-case letter. This is a more advanced activity, and it usually follows the preceding five activities:

The set includes:

  • 26 strips of cards that are printed on thick plastic with all the corners rounded.
  • 2 sets of print movable alphabet letters with consonants in red and vowels in blue. One set is a lower-case and the second is an upper-case alphabet. The movable alphabets are laser cut from premium 1/8" colored acrylic. 


Look at the standards that are addressed with this material.

Replacement letters for this set are available. View item EC-0626R


1 Long Card Holder - Large and
4 Square Clear Object Holders - Medium

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