Lower Elementary Geography Solution

Nienhuis Montessori

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  • Premium Nienhuis Materials.
  • This material is ready to start using. No other prep work is needed.

Introducing the Nienhuis Premium Quality Geography Package 6-9, a meticulously crafted educational tool designed to support the Montessori geography curriculum for lower elementary learners. This package is more than just a set of maps; it's a gateway to understanding the world and our place in it.


  1. Puzzle Map Stand
  2. 8 Puzzle Maps: Hosted in our Nienhuis Premium Quality cabinet, these Puzzle Maps are the heart of the package. They allow children to explore oceans, continents, and countries, fostering a deep connection with the Earth's geography.

    1. Puzzle Map of the World
    2. Puzzle Map of U.S.
    3. Puzzle Map of North America
    4. Puzzle Map of South America
    5. Puzzle Map of Europe
    6. Puzzle Map of Africa
    7. Puzzle Map of Asia
    8. Puzzle Map of Australia
  3. Labeled and Unlabeled Control Charts: These charts provide a structured way for children to engage with the materials, offering both guided and independent learning opportunities.

    1. Labeled Control Chart of the World
    2. Unlabeled Control Chart of the World
    3. Labeled Control Chart of United States
    4. Unlabeled Control Chart of United States
    5. Labeled Control Chart of North America
    6. Unlabeled Control Chart of North America
    7. Labeled Control Chart of South America
    8. Unlabeled Control Chart of South America
    9. Labeled Control Chart of Europe
    10. Unlabeled Control Chart of Europe
    11. Labeled Control Chart of Africa
    12. Unlabeled Control Chart of Africa
    13. Labeled Control Chart of Asia
    14. Unlabeled Control Chart of Asia
    15. Labeled Control Chart of Australia
    16. Unlabeled Control Chart of Australia

High-Quality Craftsmanship: Reflecting Nienhuis Montessori's commitment to excellence, our Premium Quality materials are made to withstand multiple uses in a classroom environment, ensuring a lasting educational investment.

Learning Skills:

With the Premium Quality Geography Package 6-9, children will:

  • Develop Mapping Skills: Through tracing and creating their own continent maps, children will learn the fundamentals of mapping, a vital skill in understanding spatial relationships.

  • Develop an Appreciation for the Earth: By studying cultural geography and interacting with the Puzzle Maps, children will cultivate a love and respect for the planet and its diverse landscapes.

  • Identify Land/Water Forms: The hands-on experience with the Puzzle Maps enables children to distinguish between various land and water forms, enriching their geographical knowledge.

  • Identify Political Boundaries: Understanding political boundaries is essential for social studies, and this package provides the tools to recognize and explore these divisions.

  • Name Oceans/Continents/Countries: Through continuous engagement with the materials, children will become familiar with the names and locations of significant geographical entities, laying the foundation for a global perspective.


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